What is Complex PTSD? Learn about the symptoms, causes and best therapies

Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a painful condition that affects many. Here, we talk you through the childhood experiences that can shape it — and how you can begin to heal...

Don't worry, anxiety is totally normal — and here's why it happens to you

Wondering why you get anxious? Counselling psychologist, Sue Winter, uses Compassion Focused Therapy to talk you through why it happens — and why it’s an essential human response...

Dealing with pandemic weight gain? Here’s how to move forward in a positive way

Experiencing post-lockdown body image issues? In part four of our Covid mental health series, we look at how to deal with pandemic weight gain in a sensible and self-loving way...

Want to know how to manage anxiety? Start by activating your soothing system

Need tips for managing your anxiety? Counselling psychologists, Sue Winter, talks you through a few simple Compassion Focused Therapy techniques for boosting your ‘soothing system’…
Therapy journeys

Why my life is so much better since starting therapy

Taking that first step into therapy can be hard, yet it can also change your life. Here, 41-year-old ‘Sara’ shares the story of her own therapy journey, including her challenges with anxiety, panic attacks and eating issues…

Worried that your teen is depressed? Here are 12 of the biggest signs

Is your teen showing signs of depression? Find out what to look out for, how to encourage them to talk about it and how to offer support...

Love in the time of Covid: what are ‘turbo relationships’ and can they last?

Many new couples experienced high speed intimacy during lockdown. In part three of our pandemic series, we look at the challenges these relationships could face in the post-lockdown era...

What’s therapy like? 4 things to expect from your first appointment

So what exactly happens in your first therapy appointment? Here, we aim to demystify the process so that you can know what to expect…

The secret to achieving your dreams and goals? Practice self-compassion

Struggling with motivation? Here, we look at why self-compassion might be your biggest helper — and self-criticism your biggest hindrance...

4 Steps you can take to help your children cope with stress

Worried about your children becoming stressed? Read this post to discover the most important thing you can do to help them.

What are the 4 attachment styles — and why do they matter?

Feeling stuck in the same old painful relationship patterns but don’t know why? Attachment theory could hold the answers — and help you to finally move forward.

‘Am I a high-functioning addict?’ How to spot the signs in yourself and loved ones

Not all addiction is obvious — on the surface, high-functioning individuals can often seem as if they have it all together. Here are some key signs of this type of addiction...

Your guide to finding the right therapist for you

Searching for a good therapist? Not sure where to start? Take a look at MTA’s expert tips, then book the right therapist for you today.

Want to set yourself free from self-criticism? Here’s the secret

Is your inner critic ruling your life? Thankfully, there are various ways to manage that nagging voice in your head…

Leaving the lockdown bubble: how to cope with post-Covid social anxiety

Feeling anxious about socialising again after lockdown? You're not alone. Here are MTA’s best tips on how to manage post-Covid social anxiety.

The art of saying no: how to set healthy boundaries

Struggling to set boundaries? Feeling like a doormat? Don’t know how to say ‘no’? Here are MTA’s tips on how to create healthy limits and thrive…

Burnout and the pandemic: how to complete the stress cycle

Many of us are emotionally exhausted, suffering from burnout. Our bodies need to complete the stress response cycle. Discover how in this post.
Therapy journeys

How EMDR therapy helped me move on from trauma

Interested in EMDR therapy — but not sure what’s involved? Read one man’s story of how it changed his life after trauma…

Thinking of online therapy? Here's why it works better for some people

Online therapy is undergoing a huge surge in popularity. Here are some reasons why increasing numbers of people are seeking support via the internet…

How body-focused therapies are leading the way in healing trauma

Dealing with trauma, PTSD or C-PTSD? Find out how body-focused psychotherapies can help you to find freedom and healing...

How to cope with information overload in a high-tech world

Attention is one of our greatest resources. But it’s under attack. Read this value-packed blog post to discover the steps you can take to protect it.

5 reasons to try therapy

There’s no shame in trying therapy and successful people don’t fear it – they embrace it. Here are five reasons why.

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