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How our clinically-driven platform helps practitioners connect with the right patients.

Meet My Therapy Assistant

A patient-centric platform

Working in private practice doesn’t have to be inconsistent, isolating or stressful. From simplified insurance billing to ease of use, My Therapy Assistant makes meeting patients, offering sessions and increasing earnings simple.

Developed by a team with years of clinical experience, My Therapy Assistant brings together best practice and an innovative environment to deliver a better experience for practitioners and patients alike.

More referrals

Our scientific approach to marketing and easy to use platform attracts modern patients looking for modern, convenient therapy.

More control

Using our platform and resources, practitioners can work however they want to. We just provide a way to make that possible.

More support

We take care of pricing, billing and scheduling, making it easier for practitioners to focus on their work.

Professional community

From informal discussions to shared resources, we offer a wide range of ways to foster a connection with other practitioners.

Enhancing therapy

Our platform gives practitioners useful tools to supplement their sessions and help their patients.

Fair pricing

With standardised pricing across every practitioner, there’s no pressure to advertise anything other than your skills and expertise.

Simple pricing

Collaboration, not competition

Some online therapy marketplaces can encourage unhealthy competition, particularly when it comes to pricing. That’s why My Therapy Assistant sets consistent and fair pricing for every practitioner - removing the pressure for psychologists and psychotherapists, and the confusion for patients.

Instead, we encourage building relationships and becoming part of our professional community. With access to guidance, mentoring and CPD opportunities, virtual teams and peer supervision, practitioners can enjoy the benefits of private practice without the feeling of isolation.

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